Forestry / Pulp & Paper

Rolling Along Smoothly


Unifab has 20 years of experience in the forestry field - completing projects in many areas of production, including pulp and paper, OSB and solid wood.

Situated in the heart of British Columbia - we are a relied upon partner across the Pacific Northwest. We work to execute projects during shutdowns and that best match operational schedules and meet environmental constraints.

Fabrications include:

  • Structural

  • Platforms & Handrail

  • Stor’N’Load overhead clam-shell BINS for chips, hog, shavings, and sawdust

  • Conveyors including Chain, Screw, and Belt.

  • Tanks

Specialty Equipment include:

  • Lug Loaders

  • Positioning Fences

  • Sorters

  • Stackers

  • Tilt Hoist Transfers

  • Unscramblers

  • Log Decks

  • Rollcases

  • Lumber Transfers

  • Landing Tables