Pure Enjoyment


We manufacture the products that you need with the quality you can trust.


We help parks solve problems, create immersive experiences, and delight guests all over the world.

Our projects are managed, manufactured and constructed with the industry’s highest quality and safety standards at their forefront. We understand that each experience must deliver the maximum value in capacity, safety and entertainment. Our Project Services team is made up of experienced problem solvers, tackling the variability of each unique recreational and attractions project with confidence.

We help build memories.

Fabrications include

  • Structural

  • Pipe Columns

  • Unique items such as curved structural, yokes, and intricate complexities such as fully assembled frames

  • Miscellaneous metals, such as walkways, stairs, ladders, grate covers, guardrails, etc

Clients and Projects Include

  • Whitewater West

  • OBX

  • New Zealand

  • Others