Key Personnel

Here to Serve


Kevin Dowkes

President & General Manager

Kevin has called Grand Forks and Unifab home for 20 years. After graduating from UVIC in Mechanical Engineering and spending the better part of a year travelling the globe, Kevin found his way back to Grand Forks and has been here ever since.

Kevin started with Unifab as Engineering & Projects Manager and has been General Manager since 2007. Now the sole shareholder of Unifab, Kevin has been through all the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and is focused on leading and growing the company through an exciting future.

While business and Unifab have been his passion he has also found another love in being a new father. Kevin’s further interests lie around the golf course and on the ski hill. With a desire for both team and individual sports, Unifab has been a proud sponsor of local youth sport programs and is keen to see growth and participation in our community.


Brandon Friesen

Operations Manager

Brandon started his career at 18 years of age in northern Alberta within the oil and gas sector. He started as an equipment manager and shortly became a supply chain manager and carried his expertise in this role throughout many projects in the northern regions.

After living in Grand Forks for 10 years - travelling back and forth to the north - he started a family and began looking for something closer to home. Brandon joined the Unifab team in 2015 as an Operations manager.

Brandon thoroughly enjoys working close to home and partaking in all the outdoor activities the Kootenays have to offer. Brandon enjoys the challenges of the manufacturing world.


John Delodder

Business Development

John comes with us all the way from beautiful Prince Edward Island, on Canada’s East Coast. John has a background in supply chain/sales and spent many years in remote northern Alberta & B.C. working SAGD construction and exploration.

When John is not mountain biking, he is the lead of our business development department, ensuring the best customer service experience possible for our clients.

John is enjoying being a part of the growth that Unifab has experienced and is looking forward to the many fun challenges ahead of him and the team.